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Codes of Conduct

Gymnasts Code of Conduct

  1. Follow the instructions of your coach at all times.
  2. Never use a piece of equipment or try to do any skill without being instructed to do so by your coach.
  3. Treat everybody with respect and be honest, do not touch or take anything which does not belong to you, keep your hands to yourself and be aware of everybody’s safety.
  4. ever enter the training area without being invited by your coach, and always leave the raining area when dismissed by your coach. Use the toilets before or after class.
  5. If you need to leave the training area or go to the bathroom you must first ask the coach for permission.
  6. If nobody is there to pick you up after class, wait inside the foyer until they arrive. If they are more than 10 minutes later than expected, notify your coach or the administrator so that they can call somebody for you.
  7. No food or drink is permitted in the training area.
  8. Treat equipment gently. When you move equipment make sure that it is left in a position that will not damage it. Do not break or pick foam. Never write on or rub off the chalkboards – these are for the use of coaches & officials only.
  9. Notify your coach immediately if you hurt yourself.

Parents Code of Conduct

  1. Do not interfere in coaching matters and never give your child or the coach technical advice about gymnastics.
  2. If you have a question, concern or complaint, follow the correct procedure (see grievance procedure in General Handbook). Do not discuss the matter in front of the gymnasts or other parents. In the past this has been a source of misinformation and bad feeling within the club.
  3. Avoid gossiping about coaches, other gymnasts, programs or the club – particularly in front of gymnasts or parents. In the past this has been a source of misinformation and bad feeling within the club.
  4. Support the staff in their enforcement of the rules and their coaching techniques, If you have a problem with either of these, please follow the correct grievance procedure.
  5. Do not enter the training area or office unless invited to do so by a coach or official. Please try not to block the doorways.
  6. In the event that you need to speak to a coach urgently when they are on the floor, please ask the administrator to pass on the message. If it is not urgent please leave a message for the coach to contact you.
  7. Once your child enters the training area they are in the care and supervision of the coaching staff. Please refrain from attracting their attention until they have been dismissed at the end of the class. You should not remove your child during class without first speaking to the coach.
  8. Parent’s behavior and language should always be appropriate in the presence of children and in keeping with our family environment.

Please Note: Parents are always welcome to discuss their child’s progress or needs with their Coordinator or Head Coach. Please feel free to ask questions or raise your concerns with the coaching staff. Any concerns should relate to the training of your child and should not refer to the training of any other child. No complaint or request will be considered unless the correct grievance procedure is followed.

Circumstances not covered in this information will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the Coaching Director, Administrator & Club's Management Committee.