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Fees and Registration

Types of Fees

There are three types of fees that cover your child’s participation in gymnastics:

1) Gymnastics Qld Registration & Club Membership

This is a once a year payment per gymnast, payable when first joining. This fee is non-refundable. The QGAI registration & sports insurance is transferable between clubs but non-transferable from one gymnast to another. Club membership and QGAI registration is valid from the date of payment until the end of December. Family membership will include a membership pack containing a drink bottle and membership handbook.

2) Training Fees

Training fees pay for your child’s position in a training group, and are payable by the term. A 10% discount is given for early bird payments made in full..

3) Building Maintenance Levy

This fee is per term.

Fee Payment

Payment of fees by cash, cheque or internet banking. Receipts will be issued immediately following payment. Term fees are to be paid within 30 days from the start of each term. If a cheque is dishonored, all bank charges will be added to the member’s account and the total must be paid in cash.

Late & Overdue Fees

If payment is not received by the due date a reminder notice will be issued. This account will then be payable within 7 days. Any further participation in classes at the club will cease until fees are paid in full. Any outstanding fees for 8 weeks will result in the cancellation of membership and the employment of a collection agency.

No gymnast will be allowed to participate in training or competition whilst fees are outstanding, unless a payment plan has been negotiated.

The club administrator can be contacted to discuss payment plans if required.


Non-attendance does not qualify for a refund or credit.


If a class is cancelled by the club, a make-up class will be offered. If the make-up class cannot be held, a pro rata adjusted credit of term fees will be made to your account. Make-up classes are only available in recreation gymnastics & must be taken in the term gymnast was absent.

Illness & Injury

Credit or refund may be applied for in writing to the Management Committee if illness or injury extends 1 or more weeks. Any such claim must be accompanied by a medical certificate.

Family Holidays

Inability to attend due to holidays being taken during scheduled class times will not entitle the family to a refund or credit at any time.

Ceasing at our Request

If the club discontinues a program, withdraws a position or requests a member be removed from a program, the member’s account will be given a pro rata adjusted credit or refund for the balance of fees.

Voluntary Withdrawal

Should the member decide not to continue to the end of term, the member will incur a 2 week cancellation period from the date of notifying the Club Administrator. Gymnastics Queensland Affiliation is non-refundable.


Absence due to suspension as a disciplinary measure will not entitle the member to any refund or credit as a position in the class is being held for that person whilst on suspension. Should the member withdraw from the program during a period of suspension, the usual voluntary withdrawal policies will apply.

Clothing and Merchandise

No refunds or credit will be given for merchandise or clothing purchased in the club. Please choose carefully.

Fee Structure

This is a vital area of operation for the club. Wide Bay Gymnastics Club is a non profit organization and as such we do not have massive financial resources. The club relies on prompt payment of fees to maintain its commercial commitments to both staff and operational overheads.