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WBGC Referral Reward Program

Welcome to the Wide Bay Gymnastics REFERRAL REWARD program, a program that gives back to you the members and helps pay your term fees. All you have to do is let your friends know we have a free Come & Try programme for anyone interested in gymnastics. 

If one of your referred friends enjoys their free Come & Try class and decides to join up, you will be eligible for a payment of up to $50 towards your term fees.

If your friend decides not to join our club, they will now have a better understanding of what you do and why you love the sport of gymnastics so much.

How to qualify.

  1. Your referred friend must let the office know who they have been referred by before their free Come and Try class begins.
  2. Your referred friend signs up for a minimum of one term of gymnastics with the Wide Bay Gymnastics Club in their preferred gymnastics class.

Terms & Conditions

  1. If the amount of the referred friend term fees is less than $100.00 incl GST the reward payment will be no more than 50% of their new term fees. 
  2. Multiple rewards can be redeemed and will be added to the members account. 
  3. The reward payment will be made to the nominated members account within 14 days after the referred friend has paid one term fees in full.
  4. Can be used toward Term 4 fees and fees in 2020.
  5. Reward payment only made to one member per referred friend.
  6. Referred reward payments cannot be redeemed from a members account for cash.
  7. This offer excludes payment to any person/s whose referred friend has been a member of Wide Bay Gymnastics Club within the last 12 months.
  8. This offer cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other promotion (family and early bird discounts will still apply).
  9. Members of the Wide Bay Gymnastics committee and coaching staff are not able to receive this reward.

For any further questions relating to our Referral Reward offer please contact our office on phone 4125 3011 between 3:30pm to 6pm Monday to Friday, or contact us on our face book page.