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Gymnastics – an exciting activity that so many children have dreamed of doing, well that and running away with the circus of course. A sport where the impossible becomes real. 

There have been coaches who have said that the greatest benefits of gymnastics training for children is in their physical developement: strength, power, balance, flexibility and agility are all developed through gymnastics. Then their are others who argue that the greatest benefit of gymnastics training for children is related to the development of their mind: perseverance, confidence, attention to detail, discipline, time management and concentration.

At Wide Bay Gymnastics Club we believe that both are correct and each compliments the other to assist the development of chldren and adults alike. it has been shown that gymnastics is a key element in achieiving success in so many other sports and activities. By giving your child the opportunity to train in gymnastics you are helping to set them up for life. 

Here at Wide Bay Gymnastics we offer a range of classes to meet the various stages of development in the sport of gymnastics.

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